Over 20 Years of Experience

Industry Leaders & Innovators in Insulation Services


Thermcor was founded in 2003 by Walter Dixon and Ronald Dixon to provide quality insulation services, on time and at affordable prices to the maritime industry. We continue to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations for professionalism. We set extremely high standards for quality workmanship and performance with an on time project delivery within the agreed upon budget. Our consistent CPAR (Contractor Performance Assessment Report) ratings of excellent from our customers are representative of the high caliber of work that we provide on each and every project.

Today, Thermcor is recognized as the industry’s leader in insulation services. Located in Norfolk Virginia, our company has never forgotten its close ties to our military and our maritime history and lineage. Thermcor recognizes that our employees are the greatest asset of the organization. We strive to employ honest, hardworking individuals, who are creative problem solvers that realize the serious nature of their work. We have consistently maintained our mandate for a safe working environment and continue to support the staff with ‘State of the Art” systems and controls regarding job safety and security.

Thermcor is a Veteran Owned Small Business.


Thermcor recognizes the continued assistance and support that we receive daily from our customers. The relationships that have been developed over years of mutual trust and respect have enabled Thermcor and its customers to achieve remarkable accomplishments together.

  • Advex Corporation
  • Advanced Integrated Technologies
  • AMIS
  • Ashley Valve
  • Atlantic Environmental Companies
  • Auxiliary Systems
  • Alliance Technical Services
  • BAE Systems
  • Beach Marine Services
  • Boston Ship Repair, LLC
  • Cascade General Shipyard
  • Collins Machine Works
  • Colonna’s Shipyard
  • CSX Piers
  • Delphinus Engineering
  • Earl Industries
  • East Coast Repair and Fabrication
  • EMS
  • Federal Equipment Company
  • George G. Sharp, Inc.
  • General Dynamics
  • Generation Refrigeration
  • Hiller Systems
  • Interocean American Management
  • Kerney Services Group
  • Keystone Shipping
  • L.P.I. Technical Services
  • Lyons Shipyard
  • Maersk Lines
  • Metro Machine Corporation
  • MHI Ship Repair & Services
  • Military Sealift Fleet Support Command
  • Moran Towing
  • NOAA
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Ocean Ship holdings
  • QED
  • SEK
  • Specialty Marine
  • Técnico Corporation
  • US Army
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • US Navy
  • US Coast Guard

Marine Insulation

Thermcor provides a wide array of Marine services to our customers at home port or wherever the project may require.

Industrial Insulation

Thermcor provides an array of Commercial and Industrial insulation services to our customers.


Thermcor proudly provides insulation and ship repair services to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Corp of Engineers, Military Sealift Fleet Support Command, The U.S. Army and Marine/Industrial and Commercial industries in North America and worldwide.

Our Clients